Our Philosophy

We at Kids United believe in a Child-Centred approach when planning for young children. We believe children develop best in a safe, secure environment that is stimulating, supportive, encourages and allows endless opportunities for exploration and investigation. We understand that families are children’s most influential teachers and aim to build partnerships with all families based on the foundations of respect and understanding. We believe that each child is an individual and holistically look at each child’s unique sense of being and diverse sense of belonging when planning for the environment.

The learning environment will provide children with opportunities to freely explore, discover, improvise, investigate, imagine, experiment, and interact safely.

Overall, children need to be encouraged for all of their efforts.Their natural curiosity and creativity will be fostered to enhance a greater enthusiasm for learning through enjoyment. Therefore, our program allows time for children to immerse in their play, enabling them to simply enjoy being as Educator’s respond to children by scaffolding their learning and using intentional teaching strategies. Our educational policy aims to provide a Quality educational program for each and every child based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. We strive to extend and enrich children’s learning through their early years. For the benefit of both the children and Educators, Educators will constantly update their knowledge and understanding of current developments in the Early Childhood sector through sharing of information and ongoing reflective practices.

We believe that families have the most important and enduring relationship with their children and seek family involvement in all facets of our service.

We believe that through teamwork, which involves families and Educators working together, we can provide our children with the best quality care and education possible. We understand the importance of continuity of learning, transitions and care and with this in mind aim to build a respectful understanding of each child’s family and community.

We will support and promote cultural competence and anti-bias within our centre.

All persons who interact with or attend the centre will be valued and respected as individuals, regardless of race, colour, gender, ability, religion, socio-economic status, family structure or age.